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Bleach London Rose Toner Kit


For a distinctively Pink Tint!

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Bleach London Rosé Toner Kit is a semi-permanent pink toner with a blushed hue for a rosé tiny! Lasts up to 16 washes.

For use on bleached, very light blonde hair.  

Toner kits banish any unwanted yellow caused by bleaching and help you achieve your preferred shade. Vegan and cruelty free.


  • 1 Tube of Colourant 40ml 1.3 US fl.oz.
  • 1 Bottle of Developing Lotion (peroxide) 80ml (7.5vol/2.1%)
  • 1 Conditioning Repair Mask 15ml

You may need more than one pack if your hair is long, thick or hasn’t been dyed before. It’s always a good idea to have another pack to hand just in case one runs out before you’re finished.

Lasts for up to 16 washes. The colour achieved and the length of its duration can be influenced by many factors including: Hair condition, porosity, length, fineness, shade and any previous treatments. The final effect will depend on your current hair colour. Best results will be seen on already bleached or highlighted very light blonde hair.

Kit includes full instructions on how to use, always do a patch test before using.