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Bubble T Donut Disturb Me In The Bath


  • Bath gift set of 6
  • Sweet and fruity bath treats
  • Pampering and relaxing

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Relax with something tasty with the Bubble T donut bath bomb set.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a set of 6 luxurious and sweet bath bombs. Use these sweet treats in your bath and turn your bathroom into a sweet paradise. Get your skin feeling soft and smooth by using these donut bath bombs. They’d be a perfect addition to your bath to relax and unwind the day.

These Bubble T donut bath bombs include beautiful scents of orange, strawberry, vanilla and sweet tea notes, the sweet tea range is a sweet and fruity treat for the bath and shower.

Features of Bubble T donut bath bomb set

  • Designed and packaged beautifully
  • Relaxation bath set with captivating aromas
  • Sweetened bath with fruity scents
  • Donut shaped bath bombs