Chloe Rose Naturelle Refillable


A fresh and floral fragrance infused with a blend of naturally-derived, uplifting essences.

A scent for those that run free and feel at peace within the wild, Chloé Rose Naturelle Eau de Parfum Refill is a natural origin fragrance that captures the nuanced and unpredictable beauty of nature.

Opening with tangy notes of cedrat essence and raspberry extract, the fresh fragrance sparkles with a charming olfactive experience that embodies the scent of summertime refreshments. Blooming at the heart of the fragrance, organic rose and neroli essences capture the scent of pressed flowers and sweet orange juice, enchanting the senses into a state of bliss. Cedar essence and mimosa absolute brings the perfume to a whispering close, a scent that evokes memories of the outdoors.

Inspired by the eternal beauty of nature, this refill fragrance aligns with the brand’s initiative of reducing their environmental impact.


100ml, 150ml Refill Bottle

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Chloe Rose Naturelle Refillable
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