Clarins Ever Matte Loose Powder


Mattifying loose powder infused with peach milk.

Ever Matte Loose Powder sets your make-up with a sheer mattifying veil and lasts all day long.

It evens the complexion with flawless coverage, blurring imperfections without drying out the skin. The secret? Its bamboo powder extract improves make-up wear and mattifies the skin, while its peach milk provides comfort.

  • Sets make-up in place.
  • Mattifies & evens the complexion.
  • Airy texture.
  • Flawless coverage.
  • Allows the skin to breathe.

A perfect balance of peach milk and peach powder to bring a wave of softness to the skin with each application.

Key Plant Extracts:

  • Bamboo The finer the texture of the bamboo powder, the more it mattifies; the rougher the texture, the more it exfoliates. This powder is also used in make-up to make it last longer.
  • Glasswort In cosmetics, organic salicornia extract provides the skin with optimal hydration.
  • Succory dock-cress Its extract helps protect pollution-exposed skin against dehydration.



01 Universal Light, 02 Universal Medium, 03 Universal Deep

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Clarins Ever Matte Loose Powder