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Clarins Moisture Rich Body Collection


Your complete body care set for soft, hydrated and comforted skin.

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>Moisture Rich Body Lotion 200ml
>Exfoliating Body Scrub 30ml
>Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 30ml
>Clarins Pouch


Moisture Rich Body LotionThanks to its concentration of shea butter, the Moisture Rich Body Lotion nourishes and hydrates all skin types, even the driest. Its naturally-sourced extracts of organic raspberry water, tamarind pulp acids and organic oat sugars soften and smooth the skin. Its melting texture instantly penetrates the skin, meaning you can get dressed immediately after applying

Exfoliating Body Scrub – The essential first step to achieving a firm, youthful-looking body: the Exfoliating Body scrub. This refreshing, moisturising and exfoliating treatment with smoothing Natural Bamboo Powders and a hint of ginger ‘rubs away’ rough, flaky surface cells and impurities, giving skin a sleek new start. Also, prepares skin for the treatment that follows

Hand & Nail Treatment Cream – Hands can be particularly damaged and painful when exposed to the aggressions of everyday life, such as the weather, water, and the tasks we perform with them. So take time to care for them with Clarins professional, emollient-rich moisturizing hand cream—with soothing Sesame Oil and fortifying Japanese Mulberry. The moisturizer forms an invisible protective “glove” that shields hands from the elements, keeping skin smooth and silky and minimising signs of ageing. Softens and comforts chapped, irritated and sore hands, and brings moisture relief to dry skin on hands. Helps strengthen nails and condition cuticles for naturally clean, soft and youthful-looking hands.

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