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Glycerine Honey And Lemon 200ml


Traditional cough bottle to soothe sore and irritated throats and chests.


Glycerine Honey & Lemon oral solution is a traditional cough bottle used for the relief of dry, tickly and irritating coughs and sore throats. The ingredients soothe and reduce further irritiation which results in less coughing.

  • Non drowsy
  • Pleasant tasting flavour
  • Can be used from 12 months old
  • Relives discomfort of Coughs & Sore Throats
  • Soothing Effects on sore throat
  • Reduces Irritation

Adults: Take two teaspoons (10ml) three or four times each day

Children 6-12 years: Take one teaspoon (5ml) three or four times each day

Children 1-6 years: Take half a teaspoon (2.5ml) three or four times each day

Not suitable for children under 1 year.

  • Glycerin Lemon & Honey Oral Solution- Glycerol, Liquid Glucose, Honey, Lemon essence, Lemon juice, Citric acid monohydrate Syrup, Purified water.