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Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint- Medium Brown


  • Great Results In Less Than 2 Minutes
  • 4 Weeks of Rich, Vibrant Eyebrow Color!
  • Clinically Tested.

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A non-toxic formula that contains no hydrogen peroxide or synthetic dyes. Formulated with plant extracts, this fast acting, gentle formula delivers rich, long-lasting color for up to 4 weeks!

A great alternative to daily eyebrow pencil and powder application, tinting your eyebrows help define each eyebrow hair and gives the appearance of longer, thicker eyebrows.

Contents Contain:

  • 3 – .03 fl oz. / 1 ml Cream Colorant
  • 3 – .03 fl oz. / 1 ml Gel Activator
  • 1 Reusable  Applicator Stick, 3 Work station cards, instruction manual.

How to use:

Tinting the Eyebrows 

Preparing the brows

  1. Very Important. For best results, wash eyebrows with a mild soap and water, or use an oil free makeup remover. Let dry before tinting.
  2. To protect the skin from accidental staining, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly around the eyebrow. Be careful not to get any on the eyebrows, this could inhibit coloring process.


  1. Remove work station card and squeeze entire contents of Solution No 1 and No 2 onto the marked circles. Do not mix.
  2. It is best to tint one eyebrow at a time, allowing the color to process completely before starting the second eyebrow. Using enclosed applicator stick, apply solution No 1 onto the eyebrow. Let stand for 2 minutes. Gently blot dry with a tissue before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Wipe applicator stick clean and apply Solution No 2 directly to the eyebrow. Let stand one minute and wipe clean with a damp tissue or cotton ball. Remove any color that may have gotten onto the skin with a damp tissue.

Helpful hint. For slightly darker, longer lasting results, reapply remaining mixture and repeat the process.

Perform a patch test 48hrs before use!