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Hugo Boss Hugo Now Eau De Toilette 75ml


This Aromatic Watery fragrance opens with a hit of Cardamom, a spicy and fusing note combined with the biting energy of Lemon zest, bringing light and freshness to the composition.

This cutting-edge freshness carries through to the heart, softened by the aromatic notes of Lavender and paired with the cooling sensation of Mint and watery Aquozone, a frozen accord providing a cold aquatic freshness. It’s a fresh, masculine dose of confidence to seize your moment, now! At the base are the elegant notes of Haitian Vetiver, both rough and soft, cold and warm, earthy and smooth for an urban masculinity.

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A new fragrant adventure is awaiting with the newest Hugo Now edition launched at the beginning of 2020; a limited edition inspired by the power of NOW. The scent is a symbol of this free-spirited and young-at-heart attitude, and HUGO partners with artist Liam Payne to inspire his peers to seize the only moment they own: NOW. #MyTimeIsNow

HUGO NOW follows the success of the Hugo line started in 1995.

Singer. Producer. Creator. Dreamer. Introducing Liam Payne, the new face of HUGO Parfums. A symbol of a generation empowered to act in the here and now, Liam embodies the HUGO spirit and encourages today’s young people to reach out and grab opportunities. Joining the HUGO family, Liam will spread an important message to his 20 million Instagram followers and others: to be the heroes of their own lives – because NOW is the only moment you own.