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Hylo-Fresh Soothing Eye Drops For Irritated or Mild Dry Eye 7.5ml


Refreshing eye drops for red, itchy eyes and screen fatigue.


  • The surface of your eye is covered by a thin layer of tears, called the Tear Film which protects, nourishes and lubricates the eye.
  • Tears are produced by several systems, and if any part of these systems break down, it can result in a reduced quality or quantity of tears
  • Tear replacement with eye drops is traditionally considered a mainstay of Dry Eye management.
  • HYLO-Fresh contains a natural occurring substance called Sodium Hyaluronate which replenishes the tear film
  • A replenished tear film gives symptom relief from red and itchy eyes
  1. Remove the cap before use.
  2. Before first use only, invert the bottle and pump the base until the first drop appears.
  3. The system is now ready for use.
  4. Place two fingers on the base of the bottle and your thumb on the shoulder
  5. Pull down your lower eyelid.
  6. Tilt your head back and press on the base to release one drop.

Contains 0.03% Sodium Hyaluronate