Lancaster Sun Beauty Fast Tan Optimizer Satin Dry Oil SPF


Get the benefits of an oil without the greasy effect with our Satin Dry Oil SPF. Beyond targeting 100% of sun spectrum*, our clean and ocean friendly, sublimating oil now also helps repair skin from sun induced damage. Leaving your skin with a beautifying satin dry finish, it provides an even faster, deeper and flawless golden tan in twice less time of sun exposure.**

Our lightweight ultra sensorial body oil instantly melts into skin and immediately provide it comfort sensation before leaving a shimmering veil that beautifies while lastingly hydrates your skin.

These days we all know how important sun protection is, but did you know that the sunlight is made up of four different types of sun rays: UVB, UVA, visible Light and infrared? Lancaster’s Sun Beauty Fast Tan Optimiser Satin Dry Oil SPF protects against all four and now with blue light protection too, you’ll be safe in the sun with this sensorial oil.

Experience broad spectrum sun protection with this luxurious oil that leaves a satin-soft finish, specially developed for those who are looking for a luminous, gorgeous and lasting tan while preserving their skin’s beauty. The pleasure of tanning and optimal sun care, this delivers the benefits of an oil without the greasy feel, this dry-oil formula leaves your skin soft and heightens tan intensity, while offering the broadest protection from sun exposure. While no SPF can provide full protection against the sun’s rays, Lancaster’s optimising formula comes as close as you can get while leaving your skin wrapped in a beautifying shimmering veil. A unique ‘Sun Repair System’ helps to heal your skin post-exposure and strengthens your skin with pho-ageing resistance. Complete with their bespoke ‘Tan Activator Complex’ to stimulate the tanning process and melanin diffusion in the skin you can enjoy that golden tan!

*No sunscreen product can provide full protection against sun’s rays. Over-exposure to the sun is a serious health threat.
**In vitro test on Tan Activator Complex, on Sun Beauty range


SPF 30, SPF 50

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Lancaster Sun Beauty Fast Tan Optimizer Satin Dry Oil SPF