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Nivea Black & White Invisible Anti Perspirant Roll On 50ml


Nivea Black & White Invisible Silky Smooth Anti-Perspirant roll on has an anti-stain effect on dark clothes and reduces their appearance on white or colored fabrics. Formulated without ethyl alcohol, its groundbreaking antibacterial composition makes this ideal for those who enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle. Perform all kinds of activities while also benefiting from up to 48-hour antiperspirant protection.

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Nivea Black & White Invisible Silky Smooth Anti-Perspirant Roll On is rich in skin conditioners and alcohol-free for a lasting smooth finish that also prevents clothing stains!

Suitable for all skin types, it shields clothes in the same way it does your body thanks to dermatologic approval. Finally, this innovative formula is filled with skin conditioners, taking real care of your clothing items: black stays black, white stays white!

  • Texture: liquid;
  • Skin issues: unpleasant odors, intense perspiration;
  • Time of application: daily, whenever necessary;
  • Age: 12+;
  • Skin type: all skin types;
  • Main benefits: does not stain clothing, absorbs impurities and minimizes intense sweat, has antibacterial properties, refreshes all skin types without causing irritation;
  • Formulated without: ethyl alcohol.