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OralMedic Mouth Ulcer Treatment – 2 Treatments


  • Eliminates mouth ulcer pain in seconds! one-time use- no need to reapply. Hygienic application.

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One application of OralMedic has the ability to eliminate mouth ulcer pain in seconds.  It only requires a one time use treatment using the hygienic applicator provided.

OralMedic works by forming a protective barrier over the mouth ulcer within seconds of application, giving the optimum conditions for natural healing.  After the application the user should rinse their mouth with water and spit out.  If part of the mouth ulcer area is still in pain then it is an indication that part of the ulcer was not fully covered and may require a repeat application.

It is intended to be used by adults and children over the age of 12 years and only to be used as specifically directed by the products instructions for use.

  1. Dry the affected area with the the cotton bud provided
  2. Hold the applicator at arms length and away from the eyes, with the coloured ring up. Gently bend the coloured ring to one side until it snaps, OralMedic will flow into the opposite end.
  3. Apply to the affected area for 10 seconds. Use a rolling motion to completely cover the entire bed of the mouth ulcer. A stinging sensation is experienced immediately upon application.
  4. Rinse Mouth with water and spit out
  5. Dispose of the cotton buds.

Do not use:

  • you are allergic to materials that contain Sulphur
  • You are pregnant
  • You are under the age of 12

Avoid contact with the eyes, if contact occurs irrigate the eyes for at least 15 minutes and seek immediate medical attention.

May cause local irritation or mild swelling when applied. If irritation persists rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical advise.

HYBENX® (Hydroxybenzenesulphonic Acid, Hydroxymethoxylbenzenesulphonic Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Water, FD&C Red 40)