Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum


Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum is a powerful and sophisticated Ambery Fougere scent. Opening on a vigorous and fresh lemon essence, contrasted with the magnetic sophistication of saffron accord and smoky notes of leathery oakwood.

Top notes Lemon Essence

Heart notes Saffron Accord

Base notes Oakwood

Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum, the new refillable captivating intensity, by Prada. A fragrance as an invitation to go beyond, to surpass and transcend your limits to open new horizons. Built on a conviction that with technology as an extension of ourselves, we can re-imagine what’s possible and achieve extreme performances. Luna Rossa Ocean is refillable, allowing for less packaging materials. A 50ml bottle & 150ml refill contain 55% less materials in total* as opposed 4 bottles of 50ml Prada Luna Rossa. This includes 55% less glass, 70% less metals, 45% less plastics and 50% less cardboard.
*Combined reduction of glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard. Reductions vary depending on original bottle size.
**Reductions vary depending on original bottle size, between 30-55% for glass, 70% for metal, 20-45% for plastic and 35-50% for cardboard.


100ml, 150ml Refill Bottle, 50ml

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Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum
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