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Real Techniques Expert Blending Duo

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Together, the Real Techniques makeup applicator and miracle complexion sponge create a seamless finish with your foundation.

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This expert blending duo is paired together to give you the ultimate seamless finish.

  1. Apply product to forehead, cheeks, nose and chin with the foundation applicator using a tapping motion
  2. Using a damp or dry miracle complexion sponge™, blend + bounce foundation into your skin

foundation applicator: smooth, flexible surface helps to hygienically transfer product to your skin

► use dry
► rinse with water to clean between each use

miracle complexion sponge™: rounded side blends larger areas of the face, precision tip covers imperfections, and the flat edge contours around the eyes and the nose

► use damp or dry
► replace every 1-3 months
► latex-free