Safe & Sound Finger & Toe Strapping


Our Finger and Toe Strappings are designed to buddy strap fingers and toes together following a break or fracture. The finger and toe strapping also provides comfort for painful arthritic fingers or for keeping toes straight when suffering from overlapping or crooked/hammertoes.



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The non-slip soft foam lining provides both comfort and support to broken fingers or broken toes. The one size fits all design and adjustable fastening eliminate the need for sticky tapes. Gently slip the loop over the injured or broken finger/toe, with the white side up wrap the strap under the next finger or toe. Pull the strap back around and fasten.

  • Buddy strap fingers and toes together
  • Supports the injuries while they heal
  • Easy touch-fastening
  • Washable and reusable
  • Non-slip soft foam lining
  • Please refer to packaging before use
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