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Sculpted By Aimee Connolly Custom Edition Refill Pan Pearl Pop


Build your own palette or replace your favourite shades with the Aimee Connolly custom palette.

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New shade! This is a full matte medium toned bronzer which has a subtle cool undertone but just enough golden-ness for a gorgeous sculpt.

Compatible with the Aimee Connolly empty refillable custom palette.

Available shades:

  • Choose from 12 shades of
  • Powder Bronzers:
    • Medium Bronze
    • Deep Bronze
    • Light Bronze

    Powder Blush:

    • Pinky Hues
    • Sunset Sheen
    • Pure Peach

    Powder Highlights:

    • Golden Glow
    • Rose Gold Glow
    • Opal Glow

    Cream Base:

    • Golden Hue
    • Pearl Pop
    • Champagne Cream

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