Sosu One Of A Kind Individual Lashes Unleashed


One of a Kind Individual Lashes are designed to create a natural eye look with ease.

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Introducing a new addition to our One-of-a-Kind Individual lash range, Visionary and Unleashed.

With new & improved lash quality, our Unleashed lashes are perfect for a dramatic eye look!

These lashes are super lightweight and allow complete customisation. With 4 different lash lengths (8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm) these lashes are the perfect way to create a customised lash-look of your choice.

PRO TIP: Add a touch of drama by applying 8mm to your lower lash line!

*Glue sold separately


✔Create a natural lash look

✔Super lightweight

✔3 different lash lengths

✔Complete Customisation

✔Cruelty free & Vegan

1.Gently remove individual lash cluster from the tray by placing your thumb on the lash, close to the band. Push into the tray and pull downward.

2.Dip the base of the lash cluster into SOSUbySJ lash adhesive.

3.Allow the adhesive to become tacky for 20-30 seconds before applying.

4.Using a SOSUbySJ tweezer, apply each cluster as close to the lash roots as possible.

5.Repeat until you achieve the look you desire!


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Sosu One Of A Kind Individual Lashes Unleashed

Availability: 1 in stock