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Introducing SOSU Cosmetics X Laura Anderson

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Salon Nails in seconds. Versatile mahogany tortoise shell nails in a classic squoval shape. Sophisticated & super stylish. Short length is perfect for every day wear.

✔Square Shape

✔Short Length

✔24 Nails, 10 Sizes

✔Adhesive, Mini Nail File & Manicure Stick Included

✔Easy Application & Removal


Step 1.File and buff nails lightly, then clean and dry thoroughly

Step 2.Select SOSUbySJ False Nail that closely matches your natural nail shape and size. If needed, file sides for best fit.

Step 3.Apply glue to the back of the SOSUbySJ False Nail, and a thin layer to your natural nail.

Step 4.Press SOSUbySJ False Nail onto your natural nail, holding in place for 5-10 seconds until dry.

Step 5.File and shape your new nails to desired length.


Step 1.Clip off SOSUbySJ False Nail where it is longer than your natural nail.

Step 2.Soak nails individually in SOSUbySJ Gone Girl Acetone Nail Remover until the SOSUbySJ False Nail starts to dissolve.

Step 3.Buff away any residue. Do not force or pull nails off as this will damage your natural nail.

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Sosu X Laura Anderson False Nails – Girl Boss

Availability: 3 in stock