Wander Flower Pillow Spray


Introducing brand Wanderflower- A beautiful curation of calming, nourishing products that promote thoughtfulness and well-being, inspired by the gifts of nature.

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An aromatic Lavender Pillow Spray to encourage quality relaxation and to help create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom before you go to sleep.

Sometimes, fluffing up pillows and drawing the curtains just isn’t enough to help you drift off. Taking inspiration from the little moments, Wanderflower has created its own essential-oil based lavender Pillow Mist, for you to spray over your bed-linen just before settling down for the night.

Just close your eyes and breathe deeply, inhaling the calming lavender scent around you.

The formula is vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

Packaged in a gift able two-piece card tube in blue. Wanderflower encourages upcyling: re-use the card tube as a makeup brush pot

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