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Jonathon has been working in Marron’s Pharmacy since 2005. He graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons with a B.Sc Pharmacy in 2009. He then completed his MPharm in 2010 and entered the register of Pharmacists in December 2010. Jonathon has won 4 National Pharmacy Awards since becoming a pharmacist.

  • GSK Health Promotion Pharmacist of the Year 2014
  • Actavis Business Development(Independent) Pharmacy of the Year 2014
  • Patient Nominated Pharmacist of the Year 2014 (His favourite)
  • Actavis Education & Mentoring Bursary Winner 2017

He is a father of three small children, Evie, James and Jasper. His lovely wife, Edwina, is a senior clinical hospital pharmacist and works in Tallaght Hospital where she is one of the first prescribing pharmacists in Ireland.


Jonathon also has degrees in Applied Mathematics and Experimental Physics. Physics is the understanding of why all things work and this curiousity feeds Jonathon’s appetite to help his patients best understand their illnesses through dialogue, pictures and the suite of services he has designed.

Jonathon also has been on blood pressure medicines since the age of 28. He knows only too well that most diseases are not necessarily age related, although many are. Due to his own circumstances, he wants to open up screening services to anyone interested in their health. He believes everyone should know his or her baseline results so that you can narrow down when something became a problem. Imagine someone finds out for the first time that they have high cholesterol or high blood pressure at the age of 50, there is a difference when this started because damage may be occurring and one years worth of damage is obviously not a concern against 30 years worth of damage.

Jonathon has a strong interest in all things medical and especially loves puzzles. If you have say a skin condition that you can’t get to the bottom of or if you’ve been struggling with your weight or you’re struggling with your asthma, he’s your man.

Jonathon loves educating also and has lectured to other pharmacists on health care services and health topics. He has lectured for Pfizer, Abbvie, GSK, the Asthma Society of Ireland and Promed as well as lecturing for and working with bigger chain pharmacies.

Jonathon has judged the Pharmacy Awards and been one of the IPN Dynamic 100 people in Pharmacy every year since 2014.

Jonathon freely gives his mobile to his patients and is available through text, WhatsApp, Viber, email and LinkedIn for queries.


Genevieve has been working in Marron’s Pharmacy since 1998. Starting off on Saturdays, Genevieve has moved from shop assistant to develop an interest in patient health.

Genevieve graduated as a dental nurse from the Trinity College Dublin Dental School in 2009, graduating with a diploma in dental nursing with distinction.

After this, her pharmacy calling really kicked in and she undertook and qualified at the top of her class in the Pharmacy Technician’s course in D.I.T., Cathal Brugha Street, graduating with a Higher Certificate in Pharmacy Technician with distinction in 2011.

The Royal College of Surgeons started to accept pharmacy technicians from September 2011. There was one stumbling block; she needed honours Leaving Certificate science results so she re-sat her Leaving Cert achieving these necessary grades.

She graduated from the RCSI with a B.Sc (Pharmacy) in 2016. She commenced her MPharm internship placement with Tallaght hospital shortly afterwards and has now successfully completed that placement. She will enter the register of pharmacists in December 2017 joining our team of clinical pharmacists.

Her areas of interests include Women’s Health, Travel Health and Cardiovascular Disease.