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The pharmacy has undergone many transformations over the 60years. Each reform was better to look after the people of Clane as well as evolve with the changing profession of pharmacy.

The current layout of the pharmacy is geared to maximise access to wheelchair users as well as people with buggies. We have two wheelchair access car parking spaces with one to the front and one to the rear of the building as well as an automatic sliding entrance door.

Marron’s since 2009 have been offering value added services that the healthcare industry calls Point of Care testing. These are services often done in a clinical laboratory-like setup but technology means they can be done at the “Point of Care”. Not all pharmacies in Ireland offer such services and here at Marron’s, we not only offer these services but we have won awards to acknowledge how well we undertake them.

Why should a pharmacy offer such services? The answer is simple – access. The more places that patients can access a service, the more likely an illness can be picked up and treated or managed. Read more about or book for one of our services here.

Des sweeping the last of the old dispensary

Jonathon kangoing electrical box at 3am for new perfume area

In Marron’s, our services are also used to help us help our patients to best manage their illnesses. Some examples of how these extra services enhance your health are:

  • If you suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension) and receive blood pressure medicines, we offer and can check your blood pressure for free to ensure your medicines are doing the most for you. If they are not, we can highlight why and recommend that you follow up with your doctor. If needs be, we have also the facility to perform a 24hr blood pressure monitor on you. This service has helped patients from age 15 to 95.
  • If you have high cholesterol and are managing your cholesterol through diet or with the help of medication, we can perform a cholesterol check to see how you are managing this. We can then advise you how to get a better return for your efforts. This service is undertaken by a finger prick so not as scary as the GPs possibly. The best bit? You get your results before you leave (under 20mins). This service is available on weekends and bank holidays to people who work Mondays to Fridays or who can not attend their GP during the week.
  • One last example to highlight why pharmacies, like Marron’s, that offer services are better for your health. If you suffer with asthma, any pharmacy can fill your inhaler prescription but at Marron’s, we can do an asthma review on you. This is a free service and at the end of it, you will best be able to manage your asthma. We now have patients who have driven over 40km to become our patients due to our asthma clinic.

Our point-of-care services are designed by Jonathon and have become very extensive. We only offer services that are of gold standard and comparable to lab standard. Click on the SERVICES link to read more about any that may be of interest to you. Some are free and some have a fee.