Throat Exam

At Marron’s Pharmacy, we can check out your sore throat to see if you need to see your doctor.

Many viral illnesses result in a sore throat and some difficulty swallowing. In most instances, you will recover in a few days with simply rest and fluids. Sometimes, you might need a throat spray or simple painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen for a few days. Extra vitamin C and eating well is always a good idea too.

However, sometimes a sore throat is more than a sore throat and a quick exam might show signs of bacterial infection such as spotting or the presence of puss. In this instance, we can confirm that you need to see your doctor.

Having the proper instruments also means we can properly visualize inside your mouth if you have an ulcer or something nasty to look at.

This service is especially great for the youngest people in society. Its great the Under 6’s can access their GPs without cost but sometimes it is better to give us a look first in case it is only viral and makes the appointment slot available for someone who is more ill.

Remember that we will refer you on if we don’t like what we see.

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