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Always Ultra Long 12 Pads


Stay protected and confident during your period with ALWAYS Ultra Long (Size 2) Sanitary Towels with wings. Thanks to a super absorbent core with InstantDry System that absorbs wetness in seconds, ALWAYS Ultra Sanitary Towels keep you free from leaks. Plus, Odour Neutralising Technology keeps you feeling confidently fresh all day long, while a Flex & Fit System helps your pad contour to your individual body shape. Dermatologically tested to be gentle on your skin and approved by the Skin Health Alliance, 3mm thin ALWAYS Ultra Sanitary Towels help you stay confident and comfortable during your menstrual cycle.

Size 2 is ideal for light flow days for Large-sized knickers; moderate flow days for Medium-sized knickers; or heavy flow days for Small-sized knickers.

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