Catrice Sheer Beauties Nail Polish


  • Translucent nude finish
  • With a colour-correcting effect
  • Long-lasting & quick-drying formula

The perfecting CATRICE Sheer Beauties Nail Polish in delicate nude shades acts like a filter for the nails. The nails are visibly brightened with a bluish shimmer and the finish is sheer so that the colour of the natural nail still shines through a little.

To ensure that nail polish lasts particularly well and can be applied evenly, it‘s advisable to apply a base coat on the nails beforehand. At the end, a top coat can be applied over the dry colour nail polish for a stronger, longer-lasting hold.


010 – Milky Not Guilty, 040 – Fluffy Cotton Candy, 050 – Peach For The Stars, 070 – Nudie Beautie

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Catrice Sheer Beauties Nail Polish