Catrice Stay Natural Brow Stick


  • Eyebrow pencil for a natural finish
  • Light, waxy texture
  • Long-lasting & waterproof

The Stay Natural Brow Stick visibly fills in gaps in the brows and shouldn’t be missing from any beauty case. The light, waxy texture is easy to apply and ensures a long-lasting, waterproof and natural finish.

Eyebrow pencils are perfect for visibly filling in small gaps in the brows: Simply draw thin, hair-like strokes with a pencil in the appropriate shade where the eyebrows don’t naturally grow as densely or where a few too many hairs have been plucked.

Brow Stick with soft pay-off for a super natural look. Shapes the eyebrows and fills gaps.


010 – Soft Blonde, 020 – Soft Medium Brown, 030 – Soft Dark Brown

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Catrice Stay Natural Brow Stick