Clarins Joli Rouge Shine Lipstick


Colour and lip care combined. Glistening shine and a caring formula that melts into the lips

The new generation of Joli Rouge Shine is exceptional thanks to its superb palette of 13 shades with a shimmering finish.

What’s equally amazing is its skin care formula that does not compromise make-up results, such as durability and intensity of colour…

The new Joli Rouge with an 84%* skin care formula that provides optimum comfort and protection for the lips. Thanks to its plant extracts (80%* ingredients of natural origin), this formula soothes, hydrates and nourishes, as well as repairing lips prone to dryness. Finally, an enveloping and soft balm-like formula that is simply irresistible. Want to try all the shades with complete freedom? Change the refill, it’s as simple as that!
*For the Joli Rouge gloss and satin.

What makes it so special?
  • Comfort, hydration, nutrition, protection and lip repair.
  • Exceptional wear and radiant colour.
  • Creamy balm-like texture.
Clarins Plus
The new Joli Rouge comes in 51 shades and 3 finishes: satin, matte and shiny. 3 tubes to choose from: white, gold or red. Bespoke beauty for all women, suited to every stage of life.

705S Soft Berry, 706S Fig, 723S Raspberry, 732S Grenadine, 742S Joli Rouge, 744S Soft Plum, 757S Nude Brick, 758S Sandy Pink, 759S Woodberry, 762S Pop Pink, 779S Redcurrant, 780S Grapefruit

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Clarins Joli Rouge Shine Lipstick