Makeup Revolution Reloaded Visionary


NVisionary is a new addition to the Re-Loaded family, our bestselling makeup pigment palettes. A truly compelling mixture of 15 smooth and rich shades, a variety of must-have matte nudes, shimmery pinks and trendy purples.

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Step up your makeup game with this highly pigmented, easily blendable palette. Spritz your makeup brushes with Revolution Hyaluronic Fixing Spray to intensify the pigment.



1. matte rosy chestnut

2. satin light mauve

3. matte mauve taupe

4. matte warm nude

5. matte pure white

6. matte oatmeal nude

7. shimmery rosepink

8. matte bright purple

9. matte eggplant

10. matte warm taupe

11. matte pastel beige

12. shimmery cold lilac

13. shimmery pale champagne gold

14. satin muted violet

15. matte sandy copper

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Makeup Revolution Reloaded Visionary

Availability: 1 in stock