Mueller Large Beige Cho Pat Knee Strap


The Mueller Cho-Pat Knee Straps applies uniformed pressure on the patella tendon just below your kneecap to help relieve pain during frequent running or jumping. Designed to give relief from chondromalacia Strap functions dynamically as the knee bends and straightens Improves tracking and assists in spreading pressure uniformly Easy to use instructions printed on the back of packaging Latex-Free

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By putting constant pressure on the patella, the Mueller Cho Pat Knee Strap can relief pain quickly. An inflamed knee cap gets better and an instable knee cap gets more support.

Besides putting pressure on the patella, the Cho Pat Knee Brace will also lift the knee cap a little to remove painful pressure. It makes sure the knee cap stays in the right place. This makes it possible to keep doing daily activities with less pain.

The Mueller Cho Pat Knee Strap Beige is made of comfortable materials. The strap is rounded on the front and has a flat back to make it more comfortable to wear. The brace does not restrain in movement, when wearing it the knee can still be bent and stretched as normal. It is suitable for daily use and can also be worn during sports.

Specifications Cho Pat Knee Strap Beige:

  • Reliefs pain and inflammation
  • Support for instable knee cap
  • Comfortable materials
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Colour: Beige

Large, Medium, Small, X Large

Large= 38- 48 cm

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Mueller Large Beige Cho Pat Knee Strap

Availability: 1 in stock