Sculpted By Aimee Duo Cleanse Refill


DuoCleanse has been carefully formulated to consider each and every skin type, from sensitive skin, to blemish-prone skin to skin that needs a brightening boost.

It’s time for a top up!


  1. Apply the Gentle Cleanser (Step 1) onto wet skin morning and night. Using your fingers or a soft cloth, massage into skin to break down makeup, sebum, or sunscreen residue. Gentle Cleanser effectively removes eye makeup, too and is safe for use on sensitive eyes.
  2. Wipe face with a warm, damp cloth to remove residue and choose Step 2 in your routine.
  3. Apply Brighten, Exfoliate or Clarify as the second cleanse. Apply onto wet skin, massage the formula into the skin for 20 seconds. Using a soft, damp cloth, wipe away any residue and rinse thoroughly.

Brightening Refill, Clarifying Refill, Exfoliating Refill, Gentle Cleanser Refill

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Sculpted By Aimee Duo Cleanse Refill
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