Zadig&Voltaire This Is Her! Eau De Parfum 100ml


Founded in 1997 in Paris, Zadig & Voltaire is a modern luxury brand, creating a strong connection between fashion and fragrance. Zadig & Voltaire goes beyond fashion, designing fragrances that empower you to feel confident and express yourself, free to speak your mind. Fragrance is the ultimate accessory

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Top notes Jasmine

Heart notes Vanilla-Chestnut Accord

Base notes Sandalwood

Paris as a playground. Art as an inspiration. A rockstar spirit and a rebellious attitude. An effortless style. Zadig&Voltaire This is Her! encapsulates the DNA of the brand and echoes its alter ego, This is Him!

Her and him are opposed and attracted to each other. A passionate love in black and white. The alchemy of a forever young couple at the heart of these two timeless fragrances.

A delightful woody, floral perfume:
Authentic. An elegant Parisian girl dressed in white silk and cashmere, full of sensuality. This young, wandering beauty casually spreads a floral bouquet with jasmine Sambac, elevated by the rose bay. Sweetness with a rockstar heart, half chestnut, half vanilla. Free like her looks, her femininity states the powerful intensity of wood in the background, with a creamy and somewhat milky twist it is sandalwood scent, Zadig&Voltaire’s signature.

“For the perfume This is Her! by Zadig&Voltaire, I envisioned a rock band playing a frenzied piece inside a Parisian apartment.” Michel Almairac – Perfumer.

Sure of herself, unpredictable, irresistible. This is Her! Parfum.

Did you know?
Art is a true source of inspiration for the Zadig&Voltaire brand.
Its founder, Thierry Gillier, an avid collector who graduated from Parson School of Design in New York, draws an absolutely modern and rock music inspiration from contemporary art. We not only find art at his home and in Zadig&Voltaire’s boutiques and collections, but also within both This is her! and This is him! perfumes.

“The bottles’ concept is simple and elegant, inspired by contemporary art… We truly have emphasised a very minimal design, in black and white, with this symbolism of opposition and attraction between men and women.” Cecilia Bonstrom – Artistic Director at Zadig&Voltaire.

And how both This is her! and This is him! perfumes achieve a perfect olfactory balance
Both fragrances are a combination of noble materials that pay two hyper-sensitive homages through the firm’s casual chic and rock styles.

First, two strong and distinctive personalities jasmine scent for her and citrus top notes for him. The following nuances are sweet vanilla for her and casual chestnut and incense heart notes for him. Both fragrances are enhanced by the same Parisian arty sillage sandalwood scent, Zadig&Voltaire’s olfactory signature.

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Zadig&Voltaire This Is Her! Eau De Parfum 100ml

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